Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things ♫...

So, since I'm one of the new kids around here, I thought I'd tell you a little about me ^_^. I'll spare you a song about it (sorry, Julie Andrews!) and instead break it down in a little list (because I love those, too!).

Rose scented body products! Roses are my favorite flower and one of my favorite smells of all time. I haven't found the perfect rose perfume yet, but some of my favorite products are: Dr. Bronner's hemp soap in rose, Lush's "A Ring of Roses" Buttercream soap, and Smith's Rosebud Salve.

Expensive chocolate. Now, regular grocery store cheap stuff works in an emergency, but I have to admit I'm a bit of snob when it comes to chocolate and would much prefer to get the good stuff. My favorite is Godiva, but a close second is a local company called Malley's Chocolates. I actually worked there a few years ago. It opened in the '40s (you used to have to wear white gloves to get in!), is totally decked out in girly pink roses, and girls who work there are still required to wear skirts. Except of course, when you are the Easter bunny...

(That's my mom on the left!)

Dance Dance Revolution.
Yes, I'll admit it - I am definitely a geek. A dancing geek. I used to play with my friends obsessively in high school, but only occasionally now when I'm due for a bit of exercise! It's actually sort of how my current boyfriend and I met. He's way better than me and plays in a lot of tournaments.

Little House books. Intended for ages 8-12, I know, I know. But lately I've just wanted to let my brain melt into a simple series and indulge my nostalgic tendencies. These stories paint such lovely little old timey pictures in my head, I often find myself daydreaming about these places...

Nail polish. Since I wear a uniform at work, I like to paint my nails to give myself a little boost. I only do it every once and awhile, and I think it's kind of therapeutic to paint a few coats! Some of my favorites are, from left to right: Essie's Blanc, You Don't Know Jacques by OPI, For Audrey by China Glaze (about as close to Tiffany's as I'll ever get!), Basket Case by O'rly (which I was inspired to buy because of miss Piksi's photo!), and Monsooner or Later by OPI (I was trying to match the orangey red color from the 1997 movie "Lolita"!)

Sailor Moon! I used to tape this show every day when I came home from middle school. I actually really identify with the main character, who is supposed to be kind of lazy and flaky but ultimately "triumphs over evil!" ...You know what I mean. I have the first two (and best, in my opinion) seasons on my computer, which I watch whenever the mood strikes. I actually had a toy scepter that I kept for a long time before deciding to put on Ebay. It sold for over $100, but it still breaks my heart a little!

Anyway, hope that was a little interesting for you! Don't forget to check back here tomorrow to see who won the giveaway!


  1. I love learning more about bloggers!!

    Hmmm, I've never heard of Malley's Chocolates. I'll to try some!

    I heart Essie Ballet Slippers.

  2. Can you believe I've never read the Little House books, how sad is that?! I'm planning to read them to Clover though when she's old enough so I think it will be fun for us both to experience them for the first time together :)

  3. you're welcome :) and i love the picture's <3 i have some of that rosebud salve it's really nice :)

  4. i found your flickr recently and i love EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing and accessories you have. i wish i had your wardrobe! and you look sooo cute in all your pictures :D
    i am definitely going to follow your blog, thanks for stopping by mine ^^

    (i also love rose scented body products >_< i dunno why, but the smell just makes me smile!)

  5. Rosebud salve and Rose Dr. Bronner's are my faves, too! Nice post! :)

  6. omg! I love DDR (I even own it on ps2...) and Sailor Moon!! I own a few SM dvds and still watch them :D haha and I'm sad that you sold the scepter even though you made bank on it. ~.~

  7. Aww I love Sailor Moon! It's just so adorable:D
    Love chocolate as well<333

  8. I love Sailor Moon too - such a cute blog post!

  9. I used to tape Sailor Moon off the tv too--I was completely obsessed, now I just have nostalgia.
    P.S. The name bracelets aren't too significant, just names of women I admire: Marilyn Monroe, Marelen Deitrich, Lois Lane (from Superman), and Dorothy (from Oz). :)

  10. loving that little section about little house on the prarie books! i,too love them with all of my heart, as well as nancy drew mysteries!

  11. I love all the little house on the prarie books and sailor moon!

    I have to tell you....
    I set up a blog for tomorrow with the same exact title as yours. I too was singing julie andrews as I wrote it! It's a post full of my favorite houseware items. How did we do this on the same day??? crazy!

  12. Great post!I need more nail polish colors!

  13. Your layout is back! Hurray!

    I love love your picks for nail colour. The china glaze one especially :}