Monday, June 15, 2009

Lee Meszaros Merit Badge Giveaway!

Clockwise from the top: 1. For being "fit as a fiddle," 2. for "getting back on the horse," 3. for being "quiet as a church mouse" 4. for "rolling with the punches" 5. for "going out on a limb."

Yes, that's right, it's Chicken Dinner Candybar's first giveaway! A generous Canadian Etsy artist by the name of Lee Meszaros has kindly allowed me to give away two of her adorable handmade merit badges. But this is no ordinary giveaway! 2 winners are going to win their own personal badges.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Come up with a slogan for a new badge! You know, a cute little cliche like your momma used to say. (Limit 3 per entry, please! And make sure you visit her shop to make sure it hasn't already been done ;) )

2. Leave it here in a comment, and if you don't have a blog don't forget to leave your e-mail.

That's it! The 2 most clever sayings will be made into a badge for two special ladies or gentlemen. So go ahead, get yourself some personalized free goods! Don't forget to visit her shop to see more of her awesome work.

Contest ends at 10pm Eastern time on June 30th. Winners will be announced July 1st. Good luck!!


  1. I love cliches and my mother's full of them:
    "colder than a witch's elbow"
    "curiosity killed the cat"
    "sly as snakes, harmless as doves"

  2. 1. "You're the cucumber's buttons"
    2. "Cold hands, warm heart"
    3. "Throw caution to the wind"

  3. LOVE your badges, Lee! So clever!
    Here's my best shot ...

    1. "Talk the Hind Leg off a Donkey" (be persuasive)
    2. "Eager Beaver"
    3. "Give up the Ghost"

    I don't have a blog, but you can find me here: or here:

  4. Um I haven't read this yet but I have to tell you that
    A) i love your blog name!!!
    B) I'm already so happy I clicked and landed here.

    I'm alex....thank you for the nice words on my blog too.
    : )

  5. best thing since sliced bread
    the cat's ass [that would be a precious drawing!]
    cute as a button

  6. Hiya!

    Here's a few expressions to ponder - how a merit badge for...

    ... blowing it out your ear.
    ... having a bun in the oven.
    ... letting the cat out of the bag.

    There's a lot of cat based expressions, aren't there?
    I love the badges - I admire them at Love, Me Boutique!


  7. haha, oh this is hard! My family is so quiet... we barely have any family sayings... and what there is, I think has been just borrowed from movies.

    Well, I guess I'll just say what there is... hm

    1. "Life is like a toaster, you have to be pushed down to pop up" HAHA
    2. "It's darkest before dawn"
    3. "It can't rain all the time."

    Yes that's right... our family has endured many trials.

  8. being a milktoast (it means timid)
    three sheets to the wind
    blame it on the goose

    i really love her work!

  9. Well, I can think of quite a few idioms, but I'm gonna stay true to all the corny ones that my mom said...

    "when pigs fly"
    "tough titty said the kitty"
    "like a chicken with his head cut off"

    like I mom is really corny. sorry about the titty saying, it's her favorite!

    (I hope none of these were used yet...sorry if they were!)

  10. Lee's badges are the bees knees :)
    How about a new badge for:
    "not giving a fig"
    "being all heart"
    "making ends meet"

    Tanya (

  11. Omg awesome.

    "Snug as a bug in a rug"
    "Being three sheets to the wind"
    "All over that like white on rice"

    I can't wait to see more! Love the badges that already exist.

  12. Oh, fun!

    Sayings for badges:

    "Cutting a rug!"
    "Buying a lemon (car)."
    "Having a heart of gold."

    I have a lot more.. too bad we can only say three!

    Love your badges!

  13. Those badges are cute as a bug, as my nana used to say!

    I have a ton of cliches!

    Here's three:

    1. bringing home the bacon
    2. being older than dirt
    3. being a big fish in a small pond

    I don't have a blog, but you can reach me at or


  14. i just found your blog a moment ago and i am totally in love with you (not in a creepy way.) what's more, i absolutely adore Lee Meszaros, so i'm kinda freakin' out :)

    here are my three suggestions for merrit badges:

    1)for wearing your heart on your sleeve

    2)for dancing to the beat of your own drum

    3)for being solid as a rock

    i'll be back often :)

  15. 1. for taking the road less traveled

    2. for reaching for the stars

    3. for looking before you leap

    <3 lane

  16. I love the merit badges, they're so clever and cute! Here goes:

    1. for being "a happy camper"
    2. for being "high as a kite"
    3. for "letting your hair down"

    Ha! I seem to have a bit of a theme going on here...