Monday, June 29, 2009

Surviving First Love

'70s Coral floral dress: thrifted
Caramel cut out heels: thrifted
Matching H&M bag: thrifted
First Love brooch: Lee Meszaros

Ok so first of all, I know it isn't nice to play favorites with your dresses, they're practically children! But...if I had to choose. I think coral is a flattering color on EVERYONE, and even though it makes me a little monotonous and predictable - I love florals! And of course an elastic waist is a chubby gal's best friend. she is, in all her coral, floral glory.

I wore this to observe a (painfully!) early morning high school math course for my college course I'm taking this summer. Let's just say I'm not a morning person, nor a math person. Trying to be an optimist though - free lesson reviews? At any rate I wanted to look modest/simple for this occasion. I've decided this is all there is for me for "business casual" from now on. Dress pants, crisp blouses - such a drag! So I'm making an effort to make sure I never have to wear that stuff again :P!

As for the pin - yes, let's talk about the pin! Kindly given to me by Lee Meszaros, which by the way you have ONE day left to enter her contest, girlies! I really had a special reason for choosing this particular merit badge. It is for "surviving first love," and let me tell you - I freakin' earned this thing! I dated my first boyfriend on and off all through high school and even a bit after. It was actually a very retro (is that the right word?) romance. We met at the yearly city carnival and I had my first kiss in front of the lemonade stand.

Almost right away (he was a senior, I a sophomore) he joined the military. It was sad, but looking back I find the letter writing and "distance makes the heart grow fonder" stuff naive and sweet.

Unfortunately he turned out to be a cheating scoundrel of a thing and I'm happy to think about him only as a memory :P To this day I find myself amazed that my first love is over! And with age comes wisdom in these matters...mostly.

Oh, and I'm so excited to tell you that Aya has been sweet enough to honor my blog with an award! I was very flattered to have my name among some of my favorite bloggers that she also awarded! Thanks a million, doll ^_^!

So I will pass this on to a few blogs I adore: Left Hand Endeavor, Thrift Candy, and Mamushka Marie. Yay, go forth and be awarded and stuff xD!


  1. Oh, thank you ever so kindly for the award my dear! Loved your story of first love, so sweet :) I'm referring to the part about the lemonade stand of course, not the cheating scoundrel part!

  2. I totally agree about coral! I wish I had more of it. Also, that bag is really cool.

  3. your blog is so pretty and that dress is lovely, i've became a follower btw <3

  4. Adorable dress and brooch. Too bad about your first love, at least it started sweet I suppose. "Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" and all that. :)

  5. I love coral!! You're right, it really does look good on everyone!! That dress is gorgeous on you and that "first love" broach is too cute for words. I want it!!

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway!!

  6. aww! i'm honored! thanks mars
    i will promptly be posting this lovely award to my blog ;)
    oh and if it's any consolation, my first boyfriend was a cheating scoudrel too...but the love to come is so much better! you'll see! :D

  7. Such a sweet dress and I adore the pin.

    The flower I realized all of my perfumes feature is jasmine. It wasn't even a conscious choice!

  8. You're welcome!! You deserve the award :)

    Love that bag!!!