Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girly & Thrifty

80s Country Club-esque dress: Thrifted
Vintage straw bag: Thrifted
Dusty pink flats: Thrifted
Gold locket: Ebay

Gosh, I don't know what happened to today! I meant to put another load of things into the store but somehow the day got away from me. After I ran my errands, I went to my favorite Salvos (I may just dedicate an entire post to this shop, it's a treasure trove!) and thrifted this outfit. I feel a little charity brunch and church girl in this but it was one of the warmest days we've had in June so far so I decided to just go with the girlie-ness.

Our first rose of the year!

After thrifting I came home and went on a bike ride with my mom down to this little field in our neighborhood to feed the deer. Usually they're clustered around there at dusk, but they weren't out today so we just left them the apples we brought (I might've been a little too scared if they were close anyway!)

The thrifting fairies must have been with me today (haha sorry that's a dorky habit, this constant mention of "the thrift fairy" or "the gas prices fairy" etc!) because I found three pairs of shoes :D! Which is awesome because my shoe collection is really quite pathetic these days. The gray ones are the only vintage (and they have little heels! the other two are flats) and the brand is called "Outdorables," how cute is that?

And lastly, this adorable straw bag! I was going to put it into the shop (sorry x_x!) but amazingly it fit all of my necessities. I've no idea what era it's from, so if you know I'm really quite curious!

Anyway, not much else to tell you about except to expect a shop update in the next day or two. Speaking of Etsy, there is a dress in Anja's shop that she's supposed to put in there soon, and I'm watching for it like a hawk, praying it's in my size! If it is, I can't wait to get it and show it to you :D! Wish me luck!


  1. I love the print of your dress and that sweet bag! Haha, it's not dorky to say "the thrift fairy"--I think it's endearing :)

  2. cant believe thats a thrifted dress. i love it much muchy!

  3. I'm friends with fairies too, though sometimes it seems like they are dissing me and not doing their jobs, like the laundry fairies or the parking lot fairies, etc.

  4. My field of dating is better with dresses and clothes, but I would guess the purse to be between the 50's-70's :) You you can find any labels, you could look it up on a search, and it might really help!

    Great finds... especially that purse!! :)

  5. Awesome finds!!! Outdorables is my absolute most favorite brand of shoes. It's a division of Daniel Green, probably from the 70s and 80s. In fact, I am wearing my favorite pair of them now - gray suede perforated oxford heels with sweet little ties. Too bad, my big toe is practically sticking out of a hole on the top of my right shoe. :(

  6. I love this outfit! It's very idyllic.

    Those gray moccasin-like shoes you thrifted are pretty awesome - lucky girl!

  7. Oh, you look so cute in that rose dress! It's a beautiful dress really - and so is that little purse!

  8. oh your outfit is so darling. i'm so envious of that bag!

  9. Amelia: Aw, thank you! That makes me feel a little less dorky haha.

    ONiC: thanks! i was surprised i thrifted it too, i actually almost left it behind for some reason!?

    Sandra: haha yeah, the decent parking spot fairy and i are not on very good terms this semester :P

    Aya: The brand is "PARKLANE" but I had no luck looking it up! I guess it will remain a mystery :/ Good advice though. I'm going to google some other brands, now I'm curious!

    Sarah: Oh those shoes sound lovely! I bet you'd get some Ebay results for Outdorables? Thanks for the insight, and glad to know someone else likes them too!

    Diane: Thanks, dear! I'm addicted to this moccasin trend for some reason :O

    Ariella: Thank you for the kind words, sugar!

    Starr: Thanks :D I have to admit it's been my favorite find lately!

  10. You look adorable. That dress is too darling.

  11. your purse is a dream! i just purchased two things from your shop and found your blog via there! it's on my blog roll immediately! :D

  12. YOU are outdoorable!! So cute. I took a totally similar rose photo the other day...it made me smile to see this!

    Oh, so what is a Chicken Dinner Candybar?? Is that a real thing?? I love that name ever sooooo much!!

  13. You sooo cute! Love your dress, and the bag<3

  14. That is SO CUTE I love the shooooess shoooess shoooooes and the bag!. It makes me jealous that It's very rare to find a thrift shop here. It sucks!

  15. Ohh the bag is seriously cute - definitely a keeper!