Saturday, June 6, 2009

Etsy Update

I had to wear my uniform today for work, so no outfit shots! Maybe one day I'll post a shot just for kicks. Does anyone else have to wear a work uniform? Do you try to get creative? I only have to do it one day a week, so I've pretty much given up on trying to have fun with my work clothes. Plus I'd hate to ruin anything I actually liked, since I usually come home covered in coffee grounds and chocolate syrup :P Anyway, just posting a sneak peek of what's new in the shop. I posted some of my favorite finds ever (but still saved a few for next time!) so make sure you take a little looksie :)


  1. I'm so happy not to have a work uniform. Those oxfords are gorgeous.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment...I love your banner! The sneak peaks from your store look great:)

  3. hi..
    great blog, very lovely.. and i agree, great banner you have,, really envy it :)
    i love all the vintage stuffs displayed here..
    looking at them really made my day :D


  4. Amelia: Lucky girl! I wish I didn't have to either :( And ah, those oxfords are just a size away from fitting. Tragic, really...

    Kelley Anne: Thank you! Wish I could take the credit :P If you're after one, I highly recommend Aya over at :D

    ChikitaRosemarie: You're too sweet! I'll have to throw that compliment right back at you too - great blog! I'm seriously digging those pumps with the crazy metal detailing.