Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teeny Bopper Challenge

Very Modcloth -ish, right? Hm, maybe it's just me...

Cream top: Forever21
Patterned skirt: Wet Seal
Purple flats: Charlotte Rousse
Faux snakeskin bag: Thrifted

Unfortunately I haven't had much luck with thrift stores lately, save for a few trinkets and things to put in the shop. I know every girl has some feature she finds hard to dress (broad shoulders, big hips, tiny frame, etc!) but being the curvaceous lady that I am I get discouraged sometimes when all the "best" vintage things I find are about 5 sizes too small.

SO! A mall-lovin' girlfriend of mine's birthday is coming up and I promised I'd go to the mall with her to help her find a birthday outfit. I really had no intentions of finding anything, let alone buying anything, since I haven't been there in so long and have become quite accustomed to strictly 2nd hand shopping. So I thought heck - I wonder if I can put together an outfit strictly from the mall...that I actually LIKE. It was especially difficult because there is no F21, Gap, or H&M at this mall. So I stuck to the teeny bopper stores.

A few observations! First of all, everything is divided so strangely in these stores. They're arranged by style, so the sections are like "hippie," "clubbing," "preppy," etc. And - SO GOOD! - a lot of them are now carrying larger sizes! Duh, glad you caught on to real female shapes, guys.

As for yesterday, Bettie and I went thrifting in Cleveland. We only made it to a couple (and in one of them we got there 5 minutes before closing and both managed to find a few things! Talk about serious shoppers) but it was a nice relaxing day, complete with a visit to my favorite Chinese joint! Bettie has promised a post featuring some of the pictures we took, so I'll just let her do the talking! Oh, and we've got a Flickr account up and running if you'd like to take a gander. There's a photo on there of the outfit I wore the day I met with the ASL lady, the one I posted about here, that I didn't blog. And a snap of The Mysterious Bettie, too!

Oh, and more things going into the shop tomorrow, so watch out!


  1. oh i really like that bag!

    i can't fit into a lot of 50s dresses, and i get so bummed every time i find one i love on ebay. damn tiny waists!!


  3. You look amazing, dear! Love the skirt and the bag is just stunning!

    And thank you for a lovely comment! I really appreciate it:*****

  4. No really, comfortable heels do exist!:) They're not a myth...I have a few pairs, but they were expensive...sigh. I love your patterned skirt!

  5. alexandra - thank you!

    greenlaundry - it was like a game of go fish, i was eyeing snakeskin bags online and then up pops one in my next thrift trip! the thrift fairies are kind some days <3.

    paola - thank you so much :D! etsy.com has tooonnss of snakeskin bags if you're really after one.

    honeybunny - thank you ^_^! you're too sweet.

    kelley anne - i will have to search far and wide until i find them, then! and thank you kindly :)

  6. You are so fab and your clothing taste is GREAT! Thanks for all the kind things you said. I checked out your etsy shop and fell in love with so many things, but my favorite (and the one I purchased) was that darling purple gingham dress.