Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Love & Luck

Clover print dress: thrifted
Leather faded color block purse: Wilson's, thrifted
Nude netted wedges: Naturalizer, thrifted

I'm not that crazy about this outfit unfortunately :P But it's been so hot lately and I was determined to get out of my cutoffs and tshirts, and the only other garment that was going to stand up to the heat was this breezy dress. I thrifted it the other day when the boyfriend and I went to a new thrift store (which is amazing in itself, since he usually hates shopping!). I wore this to my work to take my boss a farewell gift and wish him luck. Hopefully the clovers wore off on him! He was great, I'll really miss him!

The wedges I'm pretty excited about, considering they are a Wide size, which is hard to come by! Plus I'm pretty obsessed with nude shoes right now.

The new Salvation Army we found definitely climbed to the top of my list because I found a ton of really great shoes! I spent a lot of the afternoon photographing them today, so expect them to trickle into the shop this weekend and early next week. While I was taking pictures, I snapped a few shots of some of our garden. My parents collect turtle statues, some sort of romantic thing between the two of them? Which I think is pretty corny, but very, very sweet.

I've decided to try my luck on Ebay, and perhaps shift a few things from Etsy to there eventually as an experiment. But for the moment I'm giving it a try with my favorite find of the shoe haul. The listing is up and ready to go, so bid before they're gone ;)! Click to view the listing!

P.S. Does anyone have trouble viewing my blog? I looked at it on a different computer and it's all out of alignment and ; ;!?

P.P.S. Only a few more days left for the Lee Meszaros giveaway! Hurry and enter before it's over!


  1. You look great - i love the series of shots and the dress is so perfect!

  2. Aw, you know your stealin my heart with that clover dress! The shoes and bag are awesome too :)

    Hey, I tried out your fried squash recipe tonight and added some of Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute to the mix. 'Twas delish!

  3. okay.. not to be a downer, but i see these pictures and i want to weed your garden!
    the dress and shoes are perfect, though.

    i wore my default blue with white flowers dress, and someone at Thursdays told me i had the best outfit of the night! I wore my ox blood naturalizer shoes with the blue dress tonight and they completely fell apart. RIP, perfect shoes.


  4. The dress suits you realyl well :) I want the green shoes!

  5. You look fantastic in this dress! Love it:)
    And the shoes are fab! I'm obsessed with nude shoes as well:)

  6. I love the print on your dress! Those green shoes are epic. I've been trying to avoid slipping into wearing cut-offs and t-shirts, too.

  7. Those green shoes are insane! What an amazing find!

  8. wow i love your new blog header :D

    & those green t straps too, they usually come with heels so when i see flats i get real excited.

    anyway about the alignment - when you enter new text under a picture, the text doesn't appear under the picture but instead beside it. is that the problem you're experiencing?

  9. You are adorable as all get out, girlie!! I love those green shoes too...

    as for the formatting thing, I am seeing what greenlaundry is describing. The text is kind of starts out next to the picture and then wraps underneath it. Not a deal breaker or anything, but I imagine you wanted it right under the image?

  10. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..