Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy Addict

Click the photo to visit!

See, I make good on my promises, right? I still have tons of things to photograph, but this is what I've listed for tonight :) Expect more before the end of the week, though! While I was "working" I couldn't help but browse Etsy, even though I did buy one of the dresses from my pastels post :O I'll try to keep it a surprise until I receive it and try it on! I'm actually feeling a little dress-crazy lately, they're all I want to wear, and every time I peer into my closet and more haven't magically appeared I stand puzzled and disappointed. Plus I've been purging a lot of stuff lately, and I don't have many that are suitable for summer...ah, the words of an addict.

Anyhoo I thought I'd show you some of the things I'm lusting after. Sorry, fatty finds only this time!

From Everything Nana.

From Sacaton June.

From Rarae Aves.

From Sandy's Fancy Pants.

From Kisses From Ana.

From Erin Liz.

Speaking of fatty, where are all the chubby girl bloggers!? If you're out there, comment on this post so I can find you, huh? ;)


  1. ijust stumbled across your blog and i am in love. your blog/etsy store are amazing. you have a fantastic eye. we cgb's gotta stick together.

  2. I know what you mean about dresses, I'm all for dresses right now. They're so easy to throw on.

  3. This post both inspires me to get with it and start working on listing some of my stuff on etsy again... AND to maybe buy something from there at some point. I spent a good 30+ minutes looking through a "plus size" search on there this morning.

    Here is a blog I've been liking

  4. That salmon dress is gorgeous! Be sure to check out my blog, I just found yours and I love it! Take care! xo ♥ Darla

  5. Ooh, I am loving that dance tee. Such an '80s gem!

    (Thank you for your recent sweet comments on my blog! Good thing you commented and gave me a heads-up about yours because I am really enjoying your shop and blog.)

  6. Yay! Here I am - chubby girl blogger ahoy!

  7. thank you for adding my salmon dress to your list. I love working with customers.