Friday, June 19, 2009

Fat Love Friday #2

I really have to refrain from sticking every plus gal I find on here(and hallelujah I’ve found so many!) in order to keep it at two per week to give them the attention they deserve. I hadn’t intended to pick two people who are on the same wavelength, but don’t they look great together!? They look like they should be friends ^_^.

First is Nicole of Fashion Forestry, or perhaps you know her on Flickr as lecondevetement. Nicole lives with her (hunky, dare I say!) French husband in San Fransisco where she goes to school for fashion design (obviously!). First of all, I’m having trouble finding words for her style. She’s like…like… a beautifully wrapped Christmas present or something! Layer by layer she just gets better :D Talk about personal style! If I put her outfits on, I'd probably look a mess, but on her she is over and over again a mixture of fun and class. Do I even have to point out the attention to detail?!

I love the way she marries every era in an outfit, whether it be a '60s print and '40s hat, or '80s shoes and her own current design (via the top left photo).

I have to admit, she's slowly but surely influencing my style, as after I sorted through her photos I became determined to accessorize more and take more risks!

Here we have the lovely Canadian lady, Cynara, most well known on Flickr as piningforthemoon, but also the Livejournal stitchtowhere. You should seriously take a look at her livejournal, first of all, because I love me a gal who can talk fat politics. Her sassy-ness radiates from the inside out! I'm absolutely in love with her dresses and if I didn't admire her, I might be tempted to steal them...somehow D:

She has such a funky retro vibe, if I were to meet her on the street she'd seem like someone I could approach with ease. I love her use of prints and punchy colors, and I'm definitely on the hunt for one of those veil fascinator hair gizmos and some fancy gloves

Another prime example of taking all the fashion (and makeup! oh, how i dream of trying red lipstick) risks I feel I can't, and proving that I just ought to give them a try :D!


  1. sigh, I love your blog:) You should just start off wearing red lipstick around the house...and more accessories if you feel comfortaable that way. That's how I always break in something new and more daring. It feels like a secret indulgence that you get used to:)

  2. aw thanks Kelley Anne, i love yours too miss lady :D! and i'm not even kidding, that is a GENIUS idea. i'm totally going to try that. yay, a solution!!!

  3. I love the blouse in the very first picture! Such wonderfully quirky style.

  4. Aah the prints on these dresses are amazing!
    Love their style!

  5. I love all the colour! It makes me so happy to see people who aren't afraid of colour and pattern.

  6. pick number one is so cute! she makes me want curly hair. wish i had ran into her when i lived in sf back in the day...anyway, great post.

  7. I've seen Nicole before, and I've always adored her look!
    Thank you for introducing me to Cynara as well, because her style is also perfect!! :D

    Thank you so, so much for your comment on my blog by the way... ^_^

  8. they are both so great! i love their outfits. colorful and fun and creative.

  9. I LOVE NICOLE! Well i know i can never be as colourful + daring + fun as her when it comes to dressing up but somehow her style is at the back of my head all the time. She's so amazing, and so confident.

  10. That pic of Nicole in the blush colored dress is beautiful! The light and the dress and the angle! WOW- she needs to blow that up and hang it over the mantle. Gorgeous!

  11. i adore both! i love looking at their flickr pics they have beautiful style! both make me smile since they wear such fun and colorful outfits and you can see such lovely personality which i could infuse more in my own! they do indeed inspire!

  12. Hello!
    Thank you for finding me on flickr and my blog! And thanks for picing me to be in one of your posts, I really like the pictures you chose :)

    You have a lovely blog and etsy store! In fact I just bought the green vintage play dress! Once its mine, and I finish posting my trip photos I will do a post in honor of your etsy store!

    Nicole (fashionforestry)

    Thanks to everyone else who commented as well!!!

  13. Nicole looks sooo sweet. I admire all of her outfits and I love her tendency to wear hats and fascinators.

  14. wow Nicole has beautiful clothes and puts them together to well too. AND i love her blog.

  15. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..