Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl of a Different Color

'80s Blue roses dress: thrifted
Cherry saddle bag: thrifted
Crazy '80s patchwork heels: thrifted
Gold bow + chain earrings: handmade, gift.

I told you I was feeling inspired by the ladies I posted about on Friday :D! It was really warm today (okay, only about 80 something, but for us northern folk that's pretty hot after 6 months or so of cold!) and I was really digging bright sunny colors. Last week I posted about how I was going garage sale-ing, but unfortunately they ended up being mostly baby clothes, stuffed animals, and knick knacks. Don't you hate that? Ah well. It's kind of interesting going through peoples' things though, one guy's sale told me he was a little dirty (huge Playboy collection), Pro-Life (pin badges), and a veteran (military wares). I was a little embarrassed sorting through his things!

So after I gave up on those, I headed to my trusty thrift store and found this outfit (except the bag, which I thrifted a couple months ago a few miles east of here). I was really trying to do something different so I hope it turned out okay!

It's so weird
, the 1980's are probably my least favorite decade as far as fashion goes, but somehow my latest closet additions are all from that era! Tis a mystery... I also wore an '80s skirt the other night for a friend's birthday dinner, but it rained practically a monsoon and I was in a hurry so I will try to recreate it and post it here later in the week :).

I was also sushi-crazed this weekend! So much so that I had it twice. One of my favorite things to do is sit in a quiet sushi restaraunt and read a nice girly, smut novel (aka the Charlaine Harris series). The first plate is from a place called Sumo Boy. It's pretty cheap and the service is excellent! I just tried the second one today at a joint called Young's, and if I may be so bold, should tell you it is the best on Earth. I ate it while I sat through a huge traffic jam and was happy as a clam!

Yum! Anyway, happy Monday, hope you all have a great week!


  1. mmmmmmmm that looks DELICIOUS you look fantastic!

  2. love the shoes and your blog is awesome, would you like to trade links?

  3. That dress is soo cute! I love it! The cut is great and the print too

  4. oh, I love the blue roses and those darling pumps. You look dashing!

  5. I love that the ENTIRE outfit is thrifted. Yeay!!!

  6. the red bag is wonderful! lovely find!

  7. I love the red purse with the blue print. :)

  8. mmmmm sushi! Super cute dress I love it.

  9. You look awesome, 80's in a very good way!
    Now you've got me craving sushi too :)

    P.S. Thanks so much for letting me know about the broken pic and that method of cooking squash sounds so yummy, will definitely be trying that one! Do you add anything else with the flour/breadcrumbs?

  10. I love the print of the dress as well!

    MM, sushi :)I want to go make some now...

  11. OO I love your blog too! That'll be on my list from now on...

  12. That dress and those shoes are too cute for words!!

  13. They are so cute of all! I`m in love with it ; )

  14. ooh I love the blue rose print

  15. Ugh, whenever I find amazing shoes like that at thrift stores they are always way too small for my size 9 feet! Super cute and I am totally jealous :).

  16. Meaghan Kelly: it WAS! and thank you :D

    jayne: sure! i will put you on the blogroll momentarily :)

    June 23, 2009 12:57 AM
    Annie Spandex: thanks! it's really comfy too.

    Starr: thank you! i almost didn't buy the shoes because i thought they were a little wacky :P but wacky works!

    Rebekka: thrifting is so fun, i'd do it for a living if i could xD! so much good stuff to be found.

    elena-lu: thanks! i actually had to go through a really creepy situation to get it...

    a cat of impossible colour: thank you :) i've been trying not to be so matchy-matchy lately.

    Darla: Retro Ways: thank you!

    Aya Smith: i only dream of making my own sushi! and thanks dear :D

    willawisp: thank you!!

    In Bug's Drawers: thanks, Bug! :)

    HoneyBunny: thank you :D yay, sushi lovers unite!

    Tara Diane: funny you say that, they are a size 9 ;D! i had to put heel inserts in them though, just a hair too big. but it DOES seem all the good shoes are in smaller sizes most of the time, doesn't it? :/

  17. i really dont know what's more delicious looking, the sushi or the shoes!