Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blast From the Past - In Technicolor.

So let's talk rainbows! I've been into rainbowy things since high school, and I have to admit that I don't think I've quite outgrown it. Can't say how I first found out about it, but through most of middle school and high school I was obsessed with FRUiTS. While I didn't go all out with my outfits, I definitely wore a lot of character t-shirts, colorful jewelry, and just...rainbow stuff! The only evidence I could find was this one shot. Oh, youth! (Not that it was THAT long ago, but jeez, we all evolve into cooler people when we get older...r-right ; ;?) Before vintage,

this was what I thought of as my "style," I suppose. However, I didn't really go all out (see photos of those who do below). I sported red hair in HS, too. Kinda miss it. Anyway, if you've been living under a rock or something, FRUiTS is Japanese street fashion magazine by photographer Shoichi Aoki. His photos were compiled into a book in 2001. There are several different styles featured in the book, such as Decora (identifiable by the use of toys, bright colors, and anything "kawaii" or cute). Kind of similar to the American raver, which is what I usually tried to emulate. Lolita (a youthful and innocent babydoll look), or even Gothic Lolita (just a darker version of lolita, obviously.) There's also Ganguro, that one's fun! Usually it entails a deep tan, white panda-like eye makeup, and bleached hair. There are plenty other crazy styles, but I'd say those are my favorite ;)!

I was so into it, I made and sold jewelry online a few years ago. Eventually I got bored and stopped, but I definitely tried to drag Bettie into my obsession!

Isn't she adorable!? Hopefully she doesn't kill me for posting this haha. All in the name of fun, my dear! Anyway, I still have my FRUiTS book! I still admire the style, just a distance ^_~. I've scanned in some of my favorite looks, so enjoy!

Oh, and I've also been slowly adding things to Etsy, so check back daily for new stuff! Anyway, I ended up failing those pincurls last night, so my mom's going to help me while we watch a chick flick. Wa-hoo. Let's hope they come out okay!


  1. Aaaah I went through a period of dressing kawaii! I was completely obsessed with japan at the time and even did a GCSE in Japanese!
    I still flip through my FRUiTS book from time to time :)

  2. Hahah AWW, I still think it's adorable but, I think it makes it hard for people to take you seriously :P Unless you live in Japan, of course ;D!

  3. When you said fruits I immediately thought of harper from wizards of waverly place (Yes I occasionaly watch disney channel). I wish I could pull off bright colors and the awesome japanese style. I'm following your blog.