Friday, June 5, 2009

Pretty Pastels

Dress: Liebemarlene Vintage
Jeans: JC Penney, years ago.
Simple white sneaks: Thrifted
Quilted navy bag: Thrifted

I know Anja Louise loves her lavender, and Alix her sea foam, but any shade of pastel is good enough for me! If I had to choose, I think I might side with Alix on the sea foam, or maybe a nice sky blue. But this is the only pastel thing in my wardrobe! So I've made up my mind to remedy that tomorrow when I get paid. I've put two on hold, now I just need to decide which one...or skip eating for a week and get both! (As I eat tortilla chips and fresh corn salsa!) There are also several other pastel beauties I've been lusting after on Etsy...

L to R: 1. imyourpresent 2. decades 3. nerdybird 4. jessjamesjake 5. supayana 6. revivalhouse

As for the hair, that was me making do with my pin curl disaster. They ended up being wound too tight and used too much putty and I woke up with an afro! But I'm satisfied with how it looks pulled back, so no big deal. I'm adding pastel goodness to the Etsy shop as well, so keep checking back!


  1. Aww, you look wonderful in it! I love how you took the prettiness and made it sort of edgy in a great way! :)

  2. Thanks, girl! I'm excited to see your new ones tonight ;D

  3. Is it okay if I borrow your scan? I haven't gotten around to scanning it and I'm the biggest procrastinator...I have a stack of magazine and newspaper articles that I haven't scanned, yet.

    I'll host it on my own ftp, of course, and link back to you:)


  4. Of course, no problem ^_^! Take care <3

  5. Oh that straw purse is wonderful + sweet! I admire girls who wear pastel - it's often delicate and soothing, in other words pretty!

  6. Ooooh you have GREAT style!!!! I love the 90's dress with the rolled up jeans, so cute. Your blogs are pretty fantastic and so are you!!!

  7. greenlaundry - ahh pastels are really quite relaxing, aren't they? so soft <3 thanks for the comment!

    kim - what a kind thing to say! i see we have some things in common (LOVE disney! took a class on it once. and "the little princess" - i've only seen it 600 times!) so please stick around :)!