Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unda presha.

Tomorrow is my placement test for ASL. I transferred schools to pursue a degree in interpreting, but in order to join their program you have to take a test to asses the skills you acquired at your previous school. I won't bore you with the details - all you need to know is that tonight I'm going to be studying furiously in hopes that I do well so that I don't have to take ASL 101 again, oy.

Low and behold - I've listed a few things in the shop! I'm new to this Etsy selling thing, so if anyone has any tips or tricks to make it better, do share :) I also need to figure out an easier way to make collages. I think to make them you need to be able to make images transparent...?? Bah. Anyway. A preview of what's for sale, you ask?

I think I'm going to try pin curls later to get a little extra purdy for my meeting with the ASL department head. Depending on the weather, I have this white with blue flowers little '50s day dress I think would suit the occasion, but then again it's kind of see through. Sigh... wish me luck!

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