Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A true Libra...

Vintage purple gingham dress: Chelsea's on W116th Lakewood, OH.
Big decorated straw bag: thrifted
White woven flats: thrifted

True to my astrological sign, I am the indecisive Libra :P I bought this dress at one of my favorite vintage stores. I don't want to give away too much about it, because when I get around to it I'm going to dedicate an entire post to Chelsea's. I'm planning an Etsy update with larger sizes probably late this week or early next (regular update tonight or tomorrow!) and this is one I'm thinking about putting into the shop...It's a bit tight in the bust, but my mom says she could take out the darts and it would be fine. It's also a liiitttllee more sheer than I usually like (and honestly, I hate to fuss with slips and all that :P!) but it's so perfect for summer... Thoughts?

I have so many wonderful things to post about this week, so expect a bit of an overload of posts! Last night I didn't go to bed until 6am working on things for the blog + shop, and while I'm a night owl, I was a bit groggy all day and don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon...Wish I could commit to a decent sleep schedule, sheesh!

I'm definitely keeping the straw bag though! It's really roomy, and I can't stand a tiny purse - so into the collection it goes! Anyway, be seein' ya!


  1. what a lovely dress- that collar is A+!! it goes great with the bag- you look positively ready for a picnic!

  2. My bestfriend is also a libra and all this time I thought she has the best classic style ever, but you've beaten her down today. You look really sweet and calm on that beautiful pale gingham dress. These are all adorable! :)

    ps : thanks for the nice comment! i'll keep following your wonderful blog too :))

  3. Sweet frock - you just need some red shoes - start clicking those heels together!

    Cool post, as usual!

  4. It does look lovely! I know what you mean about slips, though. A few of my dresses need one, and they're SUCH a pain.

  5. hannah - oh, i wish that was what i did today ; ; ! and thank you :D

    clara - thank you very much ^_^!

    fancypants - couldn't have said it better myself xD

    rachel - thank you :)!! how motivating.

    cat of impossible colour - thank you, dear! and yes, slips...more trouble than i'm willing to deal with i think! :P

  6. Lovely dress! That bow is so sweet.

  7. I think that dress looks perfect on you - wouldn't you feel sad giving it up? The pattern is so, so cute - and reminds me of the Luella collection from last autumn!

  8. Personally, I think the dress looks absolutely beautiful on you...as does that great purse! And you totally deserve the award, your blog is one of my favorites:)

  9. That lilac dress is so very lovely!!

    I adore you straw bag with the little floral detail!

  10. that dress is perfect, i love bows^^


  11. That dress is beautiful on you! I think you should keep it :] I'm a big fan of gingham.

  12. I love that dress on you! :( Don't sell it, hehe, keep it. It works. And I love love the straw bag-- the details are simply wondrous.
    I will definitely be following!
    Be sure and stop by my blog. I have a photo caption contest going on right now so submit something!


  13. Cleveland Libra here, too. I have been meaning to check out Chelsea's but I am always wary of going into "vintage" stores because the ones I have gone in to are the "upscale" kind where an old shirt costs $90. Thrift stores, on the other hand, I love even if I usually don't find anything I like -- I mean, where else can you get all this stuff for only $5? :)

    So what are the prices like at Chelsea's?