Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Habits + Mini DIY Projects

It's funny when you really take a look into your room, you kinda learn a little about yourself! So I thought it might be fun to share the kinds of things I somehow ended up collecting, or I guess the things I've realized I have a tendency to buy. It's been good because now I see that I have enough of certain things and I'll have a better idea of what I "need" when I go shopping again :).

Wow, I'm really into warm tones I guess! So now I am strictly enforcing the no red, pink, orange, yellow, or brown ban. This is especially odd because my favorite colors are green and blue. So I quickly remedied that this morning and bought the most gorgeous blue dress on Etsy, which I will post in due time :)...

I live at home at the moment, and so I try not to buy too many housewares...but I just can't resist these tins! I think they're called "Daner" tins, as far as I've been able to research, and are made mostly in England. Originally they seemed to be used for storing tea. In my future kitchen, I plan on putting a whole lot of them on a shelf above the stove and using them to store all kinds of goodies besides tea :D

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Initial memoribila. Eek, a little narcissistic I know. But I think when something is personalized it makes it a little bit special and little more you. I made this wooden initial pin some time ago, I wear it usually on my work apron. If you're into DIY projects, simply: 1. Buy a wooden letter. I found this one in a 2 pack at Joanne Fabrics. 2. Stain and let dry for at least 24 hrs, or longer. 3. Once dry, hot glue a pin back onto it. Let dry for an hour or so. Ta da!

This was a Christmas gift, though I'd love to try to make one myself.

This is a habit I'd call a bad one. Flats, flats, flats! I have three pairs of heels: one black pair, one brown pair, and a multi-color pair for fun. I really love them but I find them pretty much unbearable if I need to do any amount of walking. But surely there are comfortable heels? Anyway, these two are my favorites lately. The light blue denimish ones on the right I thrifted, and they are incredibly comfortable. The ones on the left were inspired by The Clothes Horse. I fell in love with the black pair she got from Bona Drag, and I ran (or rather, clicked) straight there ready to buy a pair, but suffered from sticker shock and decided not to.

So I decided to just make them myself! I ended up not being the first to have this idea and found a tutorial, which worked perfectly. The only thing I did differently was at the end when you're all finished, use duck tape for the inside instead of electrical tape - much more comfortable. I bought the shoe at for about $20 including shipping, the studs for a few dollars on Ebay, and everything else I had around the house.

Now I'm off to enjoy a dinner of fried squash, corn on the cob, fresh green beans, and cherries! I love summer :D


  1. I love all your bags and I collect tins's the only thing I let myself collect b/c I figure they can always count as pretty storage items and be used to give away gifts in.
    Nice work on the shoes. I can't seem to find the right studs in any stores here, otherwise I'd be DIYing a lot of things with them!

  2. many prints. love it ..
    beautiful bags.


  3. Hi Mars! :) Just discovered your blog and will def be following it-- love love your DIY flats-- I wish I had the nerve to try that out!
    If you ever have the chance please be sure and pop over to my blog and comment/folow. It always makes me happy!


  4. Wow, these are so lovely! I especially adore your bags, they're gorgeous and exactly what I'm looking for:)

  5. these images are so inspiring! especially love those shoes!
    p.s. sorry for the late response to the swap...i think i've decided on the yellow one! i love them all and it was so hard to choose...i'll be working on sending you a few dresses to pick for yourself shortly!
    that was too long for a p.s. i suppose ;)
    x's and o's

  6. Oh, those tins!!! I am so in love with them, and the photo with the fabrics all together... so pretty to look at! :D

  7. Love your tin collection and that tan leather bag and both pairs of flats! I have a similar M initial pin too :)

  8. the buckle bags and the studded ballet flats are nearly too good to be true! you have some great collections here lil miss!!!!!!

  9. you have desperately made me want a pair of ballets flats with some diy studs!!
    thanks for the inspiration...!!

  10. Completely in love with your bags with buckles! I think I share the same love for them!

  11. A DIY version of those studded Bona Drag ballet shoes has been on my to do list since seeing them (I believe) about a year ago. They are so adorable, and I love that you actually got around to doing it!