Saturday, July 18, 2009

Daily Outfit x 2!

"Mermaid" dress: Thrifted and shortened
Black crossbody bag: Etsy (sorry, you'll be seeing this one a lot!)
Sandals: Saltwater sandals (I'm livin' in these babies!)

"Science" dress: Thrifted and altered (hemmed and made into short sleeves)
Pink kisslock purse: Childhood remnant
Maroon tights: WeLoveColors
Studded ballet slippers: DIY

Couple of notes! The little pink bag I've had since I was little. I've almost gotten rid of it so many times now, but could never part with it :P The left I wore to go see Harry Potter, and the left I wore around the house and to the store after work today. The tights are definitely my favorite element of the outfit, I was so glad it was cool enough to wear them today! WeLoveColors are the only tights I really buy, to be honest with you. They're so soft and durable and it was so nice to be able to choose from such a large variety of sizes and colors. These ones are a mouth-watering raspberry color (called "Maroon" on their color chart). Plan on seeing their tights here a lot! (And don't miss out on a chance to win some in the giveaway!)

The plum/red dress actually has darling gold buttons with atoms on them! That's why I've been referring to it as the science dress :P My camera is acting up lately, especially with up close shots, so I think I need to read the manual to fix that! It was really matronly too before I had it hemmed and the long sleeves turned into short ones. Like I said before, I hate sewing, so I was happy to swap favors with a neighbor lady! I made her business cards in exchange for the alterations :).

Anyway, a quick post today! I'm working this weekend and I have a mountain of homework, ick. I'm still going to do Fat Love Friday (I've got two wonderful chickies picked out!), but it'll have to be posted tomorrow. Gah, I was never very good with deadlines...


  1. Don't worry about the deadlines..if Friday hasn't happened yet, I've still got a whole weekend ahead of me!

    I like both dresses too, and your pink purse is very reminiscent of something from the twenties I think - I would love to see the buttons!

  2. I love tights too, yours are precious! We can only wear them in the dead of winter because it is so hot most of the time here.
    Cute pink purse and I love the photo you've done with it. Happy homeworking...:)-

  3. You look very lovely in both outfits! I adore your tights with the floral dress.

  4. I love your dresses, esp the blue one :-)

  5. I love both dresses! The colors are so nice. The atom buttons sound cool, too :)

  6. I love the science dress the most! And it's a good job you didn't throw your bag out, its lovely :)

  7. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award:)

  8. Cute florals! I love bags like that with the long straps, great for days wandering around and concerts.

  9. I love your ballet slippers! I've been dying to wear my old ones, but sort of unsure... You've inspired me!

  10. I love the salties!! I wanna get my gand on them but scared ofy wide feet not being able to fit. How's the width? Is it tight?