Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Birthday Wishlist

Wow, I guess it's that time! My 22nd birthday is October 13th, and looking at the calendar today I realized it's already less than two weeks away. Woah! It actually falls on a weekday, so I decided to do something fun the weekend before to celebrate. Next weekend, Bettie and I are going to take a little trip down to Columbus for the Gil Mantera show and (hopefully) some thrifting adventures. I'm kind of thinking about gifting myself one of these treasures to wear for the occasion!

Left: Vintage '80s slouchy shell cardigan, $30 from Retro Lane on Etsy.
Right: Oversize burnt orange '80s sweater, $44.99 from Persephone Vintage on Etsy.

Studded bucket bag, $35 from Bajue Boutique on Etsy.

Etienne Aigner tapestry bag, $38.50 from The Pudding Store Vintage on Etsy.

Indigo jeggings, $35 from Dorothy Perkins.

Dotted tights, $16 from Topshop. Anyone know where I can find these in plus size? And preferably in black...

Baccarat heels, $39.99 from Modcloth. (I think I need to face my heel fear and try some out!)

I'm trying not to do a TON of online shopping, since I am soon to be jobless (hurray for quitting the evil corporation!), but I'm so in love with these things! I tried to keep this list in my price range, even though I wanted to go crazy with an expensive "fantasy list." :P And mostly, to be honest, I am quite content with thrifted goods!


  1. love the polka dot tights!
    hope you get all your birthday wishes!

  2. Awesome studded bag! I would wish for it too! :D Happy early birthday : )

    Goodle x

  3. I LOVE that tapestry bag! I think I have something like that somewhere in my room. hope you get what you want for your birthday! x

  4. Fashion World (UK) do the polkadot tights but I'm unsure if they do international shipping. They might not :-(

  5. And happy birthday when it comes- its the day after mine!

  6. I love your birthday wish list and want those leggings.

  7. 1. i have been considering buying a pair of shoes that just like those heels.

    2. can we share the fake denim tights, please? also, i used to have a pair of dotted tights just like that but in white!!

    3. i can't believe your birthday is so soon!!!!!

  8. love the little dotted tights and the pink cardi...happy birthday lady!

  9. Those cardis are awesome. I think Hue has dotted tights like that in all sizes...wherever Calivintage bought her dotted tights from (might not be Hue...).

  10. Great choices! That Etienne Aigner bag is insanely good. Hope you had a great birthday!

  11. Dotted tights are cute. Macys has some similar to that in plus size.

    FYI, the I got those leggings from DP. They are very short waisted (so if you have a butt, they are annoying) and the waist band is very FAT. (not wide, but fat as in thick) so they have the potential to show through thin shirts...

    Hope you get you B-day wished...