Saturday, October 3, 2009

ASL Music Videos

Are you guys digging these ASL posts? I hope there's at least a mild interest, even if you don't sign or anything! I promise some outfit posts coming up soon. And yes...that Etsy update I promised like 23983047 weeks ago :O Sorry! But for now...enjoy? Maybe :D? These are some of my favorite songs signed in either ASL or Pidgin (Contact, whatever :P). There are a LOT, so I won't feel bad if you don't watch them all haha.

Is anyone else unbearably charmed right now!? And this guy is only minoring in ASL, wow!

Her stuff is always awesome, she has a ton on her channel if you want to see more.

A CODA (Child Of a Deaf Adult) comedian. I saw him live a few months ago - hilarious :D!

Another CODA. I love her facial expressions.

Her signing is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. She's very ASL too, which I love.

This guy gets SO into it lol I like his style, too!

This is one of the first videos I found. He dances and signs!

This guy is pretty famous in the interpreting world, too. He does some crazy stuff (obviously)!


  1. Wow, I had no idea these types of videos were out there. Every video is phenomenal!!! My favorite is the first guy, but they are all awesome.

  2. this was so cool! i think I have a new addiction, thanks for posting these!

  3. These are kind of genius!!! Thanks for sharing 'em. Do you sign or something? HOw the heck did you stumble upon these??

  4. Awesome stuff! I'm slowly learning ASL. S-l-o-w-ly......Loved all of them.