Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy Update

Click the photo to visit!

Yes, finally! Wow, I really procrastinated on this one. But I was having a really productive day so I figured I better get to it while I'm on a roll. I actually had a lot more things than usual, so I did half the items today and then hopefully the rest will go up tomorrow or Thursday.

Anyway, I think on Friday I'll hit up a bunch of thrift stores in Parma and the few old faithfuls around my house and really try to keep adding things to the store. I'm pretty determined to make this my job for now :P!


  1. Those floral booties are insane! What luck you have!

  2. Cozy Autumn dress and flower shoes are awesome and just mind blowing. I like most of all the above but some are not so good to share here also.
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