Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thrift Shop Reviews

I came across a blog a few days ago where a gal was taking a road trip, visiting several thrift shops along the way and rating them. What a brilliant idea!! So I thought I would rate my local(ish) shops in case anyone is ever in the area :) Thank you for the link, Leilani and Jade! (Speaking of thrift, WOW, check out their blog!)

Salvation Army on Heisley Road in Mentor, OH.

Service: The employees are kind of grumpy, but they don't give you too much trouble. One of the gals is particularly nice and we have a little chat whenever I see her. The manager is kind of scary. While perusing the racks, I constantly hear her bossing people around.

Selection: I seem to find at least one thing whenever I go here! They also don't usually have any of those chain store cast offs either, which is amazing. I have even found a gem or two amongst the polyester madness they call the vintage section. In general, they have a LOT of stuff and bring in new things often.

Price: Sometimes they can be expensive. I saw a dress there yesterday for $12.99, BUT I s'pose it was new with tags. I don't seem to find a ton of things at once, so I actually don't mind very much. It also makes me more selective, which usually turns out to be a good thing. However, most everything is half off in Wednesdays. But if you go that day, expect long lines and crowds.

Organization: decent. The clothes are arranged by color, which seems to work out okay. It seems to be easier to keep than size order, but I actually would prefer it that way. For the smaller lady this might not be such a problem though. Usually the store is kept clean, I almost always see someone mopping or sweeping. And the bathroom is decent, too!

Overall: 8/10. One of the best I've found! Only 10 minutes away, too :)

Here's what I found this time! I love these leather messenger/briefcase bags. I actually have another one in caramel that I found quite some time ago. I've been saving them for the laptop I'm hoping to go halves on with my parents for my birthday in October :)!


  1. Since I just moved, I really need to check out the local SA! I'm pretty excited since it's so big.

  2. Ah, how lucky. Local thrift stores in my country are waaaay more disorganized, a bit dirty, and pricey... And they don't have those darling scarves and your lovely bag! :(

  3. i see some potentially fly stuff poking out of the vintage rack -- much of it probably polyester!!

  4. Her name is Rachel: :)

  5. Looks like a great store! Lovely blog! You have such nice style!

  6. you should visit thrift stores in indonesia, one word.. dusty heeehee..

  7. i actually don't like it when they have a 'vintage' section at thrift stores, seems to take some of the fun of the hunt out of it for me, also they sometimes overprice items when they do that, by categorizing them as more valuable. all the same, i get a little tinge of jealousy seeing those beautiful scarves!

  8. those are great photos! and it's crazy that your SA has a vintage section, the ones around me certainly do not!

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