Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shoe vote!

My best friend is kind of obsessed with shoes (and yes, that is a link to her new blog - do visit!). She has millions. Gets really excited about them and whatnot (what? You do :P!). I, not so much. I have a tendency to never splurge on them. In fact, I can be rather cheap! And I can't help but be practical! I'm a flats/sneaker/boots kind of gal I guess. Heels? No thanks. In fact, I kind of look on them more as art - something to be admired, but actually worn...? Here are some of my recent favorites from my closet:

(Left to right) Top row: Thrifted, Minnetonkas via Zappos, Target, thrifted.

Bottom row: Some mall store, thrifted, H&M, BC Footwear via Zappos, thrifted.

So I gave the whole "buy shoes that cost more than $20" thing a whirl (the black t-straps and Minnetonka mocs, most recently)...and I am officially in a shoe phase (in case you missed what I was hinting at: it's all Bettie's fault!). Over the last few paychecks I have actually bought myself a few decent pairs of shoes. And now I need more. Haha. Which is where you come in, friends! Which ones should join my little shoe family next?

1. BC Footwear Stormy Weather Leather Jazz Ankle Boot, $69.95

2. Kimchi & Blue Heeled Oxford, $58.00

3. Deena & Ozzy for UO Essential Heel, $48.00

4. BC Footwear Carpool Fringe Flat, $39.95.


  1. uh oh.
    nay to heels (because you dont like them)
    nay to the oxfords (overpriced, in my opinion. just get some ribbon for oxfords you already have!)

    love the fringe flat and the boots are really classy and pretty.
    hope that helps! and... im going to make this same post.

  2. I like the Kimchi & Blue Heeled Oxford if you don't really like wearing heels. But I'd say the heels because you don't really own a lot of them. Those have a pretty-low heel so they don't seem too bad. But then again, they might be more dressy and I don't know if you're looking for more of an everyday-wear style Ah, who am I to give advice about new shoes? I haven't bought a pair of new new (not new-to-me but previously owned) shoes in almost a year.


  3. If you don't already own a pair of black oxfords, then i think you should get them!

  4. The heeled oxford, I really want a pair of shoes like that and will be treating myself soon, there is a shop in my town with a pair that have my name on! x

  5. Definitely the heeled oxford - it looks fantastic, really.

    I think you have a nice shoe collection! The pink and white wing tip shoes are lovely.

  6. i love the heeled oxford, wanted a pair myself but i'm on the lookout for a cheaper option!

  7. FRINGE!!! I may have to get a pair myself ... :)

  8. i love your pink oxfords, how unique! so cute! i rarely splurge on shoes either, i just seem to have really good luck thrifting them!

  9. Ha, I see we're similar in our shoe tastes. Moccasins, check. Lots of boots, check. Tons of ballet flats, check. Cute sneakers, check.

    I've been coveting those Kimchi Blue oxfords at urban.

    P.S. love your friend's blog.

  10. I'm so fussy about shoes. I don't like flats, but I don't like heels that are too high, either. But I went through a phase about a couple months ago where I was really obsessed with finding cute ones (admittedly this was more out of desperation than anything else). I love your picks, esp. the oxford... if I wore flats I'd definitely wear those.

  11. Heeled oxford!! They're so lovely.

    I have somewhat of a thing for shoes. There's just tons and tons of it in my car (yes, I keep my shoes in my car) and I can't help but want more...

  12. I am exactly the same when it comes to shoes.
    Loving your mocs and the t-strap flats, both wonderful choices! I say go with the black oxfords next, they're so classic and will go with everything :)

    I am craving a brand new pair of boots for Fall!

  13. Definitely the black oxfords, you'll get a lot of use out of them!

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