Thursday, September 17, 2009

(More >_<) Bento

I hope these aren't getting too boring x_x! It's a good way to look at your diet though, so I think I'll stay in the habit...Feel free to show me yours :D!

Top tier: Pepperoni bread, yum!

Bottom Tier: My favorite trail mix, orange milano cookies, green tea candy.

Extras: Mango apple sauce.

Top tier: Pita bread, spelt pretzels, orange milano cookies, green tea candy.

Bottom tier: Shrimp and cocktail sauce :9!

Extras: Babybel cheese, chicken salad to make a sandwich.

Top tier: Pita bread with lettuce, Babybel cheese.

Bottom tier: Orange milano cookies, green tea candy, lowfat strawberry yogurt.

Extras: Roasted red pepper hummus in the little white container, and a pink crisp apple.


  1. Don't think I've ever commented before, but I came across your blog a while ago through other people's blogs.
    I love these bento box posts a lot! You always come with the yummiest little lunches to pack in there and it looks so health too!

  2. Is it getting easier to plan your meals? I might have a go at doing a bento box soon, take it to the park!

  3. I am so needing to find out what green tea biscuits taste like because my imagination is not up to it. :-)

  4. i think i'll try to bring these alike bento to uni :D