Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marlee Matlin

Sooo, someone asked in one of my last posts what I go to school for. Over the last year or so, I have become so excited about pursuing this area of study, and I thought I'd share a little bit of it with you! I've actually mentioned it briefly in some of my earliest posts, but if you didn't catch it...

Yes, hopefully one day I will be an interpreter for the Deaf. But for now, I am truly enjoying taking my first few steps into ASL and Deaf culture. The thing that got me into ASL to begin with was a movie called "Children of a Lesser God," (1986). It's a romance about a Deaf woman and a hearing man, and it really just is SUCH a beautiful film. I tried to find a clip on Youtube, but had a hard time finding a decent one, so just trust me - watch it :D!

So I found out the lead actress in the movie (Marlee Matlin) recently came out with an autobiography. And of course I bought it! It was a very interesting read, especially being able to sort of get to know Marlee. She actually seems very similar to a lot of the characters she plays: a smart, funny, passionate, angry, and strong lady.

I won't give away all the action in her book, but here are some basics: She became Deaf at 18 months, and still isn't sure about the cause of her Deafness. She learned ASL at age 5. She grew up in Chicago, IL with 2 brothers. She is a recovered drug addict. She has had several romances with famous men in Hollywood. She is still the youngest woman to have won an Academy Award (at age 21). But currently she has settled down quite a bit, married to a police officer with 4 children.

I know this isn't really fashion related (in fact, she has landed herself on some worst dressed lists, yikes!), but hopefully at least one person shares my fascination on the subject :D! I sifted through Youtube and found some videos I thought you guys might, without further ado, I give you Marlee Matlin :)!

P.S. I've been trying to photograph my outfits lately, so stay tuned for those this weekend! I'm also taking measurements on some clothes for the shop right now, so look for those soon, too :)!

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  1. I'm also taking ASL classes. I love it. great post!