Sunday, May 31, 2009

A star is born.

Dress (moo moo!): Thrifted
Woven flats: Thrifted
Sage belt: Thrifted
Tooled leather bag: Thrifted

...Wow, that was a lot of work! I had no idea you girls put so much effort into these blog gizmos.Cropping, editing, saving, oh my! But here we are, safe and sound. First of all, a huge arigato to Miss Aya of Strawberry Koi for making the header image. She's quite the collection of talents (you should especially check out her hair tutorials)! I do indeed have photoshop, but unfortunately I just had to break it to myself that I really am just not good at it.

Anyway, I'm here to break the ice while Bettie shmoozes with bar patrons and runs around being fabulous. She is the other half of this blogmance. And my best pal. We decided to start one of these babies because we are both huge lurkers and decided to join ya'll. Over the last year or so both of our vintage/thrifted wardrobes have expanded considerably, and I guess we just woke up one day and said "Oh, I guess that means I like vintage. And fashion :O!" So, running alongside our blogger space we've got an Etsy store in the works too, which should be up next week, God willing. She'll introduce herself one of these days!

We've been friends for years (about 7), but I searched high and low for a good photo of us together and came up with just a glimpse (in high school no less!):

Left: Bettie

Right: Mars

'Til next time! (Two points if you know which anime series' first episode's title is at the top of this post. Hint: it rhymes with Shmayler Foon. And yes, I dig that kind of thing ;D)

p.s. Yes, Mars + Bettie are nicknames. As for our real names...we'll never tell :P!

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